Heather Moreno for Atascadero Mayor

HeatherMVIP_Suit-17Heather Moreno is a Certified Public Accountant, a self-employed businesswoman and serves on the Atascadero City Council. Since moving to Atascadero in 2004, she’s been extremely involved in the community, promoting a positive business climate and protecting homeowners’ rights. Heather became an Atascadero City Council Member in 2012, following service on the Atascadero Planning Commission from 2008-2010, serving as chairperson in 2010. On Council, Heather serves as Chairperson of the Finance Committee and as Public Sector Liaison Representative for the Economic Vitality Corporation. She was Mayor Pro Tem in 2015-2016.


Heather Moreno believes in:

  • A strong local economy: Businesses large and small provide local residents with jobs as well as shopping and recreational opportunities. City government should help businesses by removing obstacles and providing guidance on relevant regulations. It’s important that we facilitate options like co-working and business start-up places that provide opportunities for our residents to work where they live. That way we keep shopping dollars in the local economy and reduce vehicle miles traveled.
  • Fiscal responsibility: The City is entrusted with using taxpayer dollars wisely. Heather is very aware that the City’s money is your money, and as a CPA she will continue to ensure responsible spending, balanced budgets and solid rainy-day reserves. A strong financial position requires that we attract and serve local businesses. Atascadero has streamlined its procedures, making it easier for businesses to get things done. We must continually innovate our approach to serve the needs of our business community and make it easier to attract new businesses to Atascadero.
  • Protecting local control: State and Federal regulations often don’t make sense for Atascadero and place an undue burden on residents. From advocating for the Atascadero water basin as a geologically separate sub-basin to developing our own Local Area Management Plan for onsite wastewater treatment systems, working to retain local control is critical to preserving the uniqueness of Atascadero.