Heather For Atascadero

Check out what Mayor Moreno has accomplished during her tenure!

Heather Moreno is a Certified Public Accountant, a self-employed businesswoman and currently serves as the Atascadero Mayor.  Since moving to Atascadero in 2004, she’s been energetically involved in our community, promoting a positive business climate and protecting homeowners’ rights.

Heather was appointed to our City’s Planning Commission in 2008 and served as Chairperson in 2010. She became an Atascadero City Councilwoman in 2012 and served as Mayor Pro-Tem during 2015 -2016.


Serving community. Prospering together.

A strong local economy:

Businesses large and small provide residents with jobs, shopping, and recreational opportunities. Economic development is more than improving business for business’ sake or having a few more shops; it grows our local economy, which is one way we pay for the things we value as a community. READ MORE

Fiscal responsibility:

The City is entrusted with taxpayer dollars to use wisely. Heather is very aware that the City’s money is your money, and as a CPA she will continue to ensure responsible spending, a balanced budget, and solid rainy-day reserves. It is because of such policies that the City is able to weather the financial challenges of COVID-19 without significant cuts to important services, such as public safety. READ MORE

Citizen engagement and transparency:

The public process is sometimes messy. When a diverse community voices their sometimes-conflicting concerns and meets limitations placed by multiple levels of government, discussions could end in disagreement. Open dialogue about issues affecting our City provides for the best solution. Discussion leads to collaboration and “buy-in” with all sides involved. READ MORE

A balanced approach to homelessness:

Homelessness is multifaceted. The unsheltered in our community are not homogeneous so to make positive strides requires a balanced approach. READ MORE

Protecting local control:

State and Federal regulations often don’t make sense for Atascadero and place an undue burden on residents. From advocating for the Atascadero water basin as a geologically separate sub-basin to developing our own Local Area Management Plan for onsite wastewater treatment systems, working to retain local control is critical to preserving the uniqueness of Atascadero.